Why Buying Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Is a Smart Choice
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Why Buying Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Is a Smart Choice

Why Buying Chlorine Resistant Swimwear is a Smart Choice

Both men and women dread shopping for swimwear. It is very difficult to find swimwear that fits perfectly, binds tight enough to the body and lasts from the harsh effects of chlorinated pools especially if you are plus size. And, even if you find a perfect fit, you can never bet on the durability because if you happen to be the kind of person who enjoys relaxing in the pool or swimming for hours or are learning some kind of new aqua fitness techniques, your swim wear’s fibres will soon loosen up due to the long exposure to chlorinated water.

What is the solution? You could spend a small amount of money and purchase cheap chain store bathers but this is a false economy as these swimsuits are unlikely to last more than a month.  The reason is that the elastic fibres used in the fabric of inexpensive swimsuits will distintegrate pretty quickly and will fall apart.  It is much better to spend a little more and choose chlorine resistant swimwear.  Once you have found the perfect chlorine resistant swimsuit it is often a good idea to buy more than one to rotate especially if you swim more than once a week.

The best part is that you don’t need to compromise in any sense when you go for chlorine resistant swimwear - not in terms of fabric, style or fashion. You get everything you want in swimwear with an added benefit of appreciable durability. So, even if you dive into chlorinated water regularly, you can rest assured that your swimwear will last longer than your previous collection. This way you can be sure that you have finally found a product worthy of your hard earned money.


The chlorine resistant swimwear doesn’t have to be boring.  It can be found in many colour and patterns of your choice, whether it is a one piece, two or three piece swimsuit. You can also find sun protective rash shirts and kids swimwear made from chlorine resistant fabric that will last will last  up to 20 – 25 times longer than other fabrics.  Chlorine resistant swimwear fabric won’t fade, stretch out of shape, soft and comfortable to wear and dries quickly.


Many specialty swimwear stores offer stylish chlorine resistant swimwear but Perth based SeaJewels Swimwear offers an extensive range of swimsuits including a huge range of plus size swimsuits. These swimsuits are a smart and perfect choice. Chlorine resistant swimwear offers you great value for money. Such swimwear can prove to be your perfect companion whether you are looking for swimwear for year long swimming or aqua aerobics regimen or a stylish swimsuit for your pool-side or beach holidays. After all, chlorine resistant swimwear ends the need to constantly worry about your swimwear loosening up and going out of shape.


SeaJewels Swimwear offers free postage for order over $100 anywhere in Australia.  With a full refund policy there has never been a better time to buy plus size chlorine resistant swimwear online.

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Never dread buying swimwear again.  Buy chlorine resistant swimwear – it is well worth the investment.



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