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  • Plus Size Swimwear For Awkward Teens

    Most of us can recall the times when we were young and just starting to be aware of how we looked when wearing swimwear that showed our shape, and naturally there were some of us that needed togs with extra support to keep our ever growing new breasts in place.

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  • Making A Splash In Plus Size Swimwear

    Have you actually thought about what a difference to your life that wearing beautiful plus size swimwear will do?

    Well for a start, you will find a whole new world out there full of fun things to see and do, because you are happy to be seen in plus size swimwear that flatters your shape and feels comfortable to wear.

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  • Water Aerobics In Plus Size Swimwear

    Have you been asked to join the girls at Water Aerobics but you are put off because you are not comfortable wearing plus size swimwear? Is it hard for you to find bathers that support larger breasts?

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  • Keeping Cool By The Pool In Plus Size Swimwear

    It’s time to celebrate a sizzling summer Christmas, Ozzie Style in plus size swimwear.

    Here in Australia our Xmas looks a lot different to those images we see on most greeting cards, with snow capped roofs and Santa wearing his plus size warm woolies and fluffy cap.

    Most of us here in WA will spend the day trying to keep pool around the pool, on the river or ocean, feasting on delicious seafood, salads, pavlova and icy cold drinks.

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  • Sensational At Sixty In Plus Size Swimwear

    Well whoever would have believed it, I am having more fun now than when I was half my age, with kids hanging off my hips and another screeching at me from inside the pantry, I certainly did not have anytime for myself, so I guess the kilos crept up on me and before I knew it I needed plus size swimwear.

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  • Sixty Is The New Forty In Fabulous Plus Size Swimwear

    When people tell me that life begins at forty, I think to myself that they are very mistaken, because I certainly wasn’t having as much fun back then, as I do now, thanks to my gorgeous plus size swimwear that makes me look and feel “sensational” at sixty. 

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  • Benefits of Choosing Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

    When it comes to chlorinated swimming pools, it is important to understand why we need to wear chlorine resistant swimwear.


    Chlorine is a mandatory disinfectant added to swimming pools to control the growth of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms.


    Over exposure to the chemical can cause itchy skin and dryness and as much as chlorine is harmful to the human skin, it also has adverse effects on the fabric of the swimwear.  Chlorine resistant swimwear in Perth is becoming rapidly popular and experts recommend them for all regular swimmers.


    Here are the top reasons why swimmers must choose the chlorine resistant swimwear over the conventional lycra blend materials.

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  • Why Buying Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Is a Smart Choice

    Why Buying Chlorine Resistant Swimwear is a Smart Choice

    Both men and women dread shopping for swimwear. It is very difficult to find swimwear that fits perfectly, binds tight enough to the body and lasts from the harsh effects of chlorinated pools especially if you are plus size

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  • Feeling Confident While Looking Great In Plus Size Swimwear


    Come summertime and those of us who need plus size swimwear, start to dread the swimwear saga, just like the year before when we would squeeze into bathers that we thought looked ok, but felt awful to wear.

    It really is a drama, trying to find the perfect cozzie to fit correctly and look good as well, and heaven forbid those outdated granny style bathers that are so unattractive.

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  • Plus Size Packing Tips for a Tropical Holiday

    There is nothing better than to go on holidays somewhere warm and tropical when the weather turns cold. Aussies love to head north to Broome, Cairns or Darwin or over to Fiji, Bali, Thailand and other Asian or South Pacific destinations during the winter months.

    Many women avoid plus size swimwear shopping so knowing where and what to pack is essential as you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy suitcase with clothes that you won’t even wear.

    Here are some tips to make packing a breeze


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  • Custom Fit Plus Size Swimwear For Men

    Custom Fit Plus Size Swimwear for Men


    We get a lot of feedback from big and tall men lamenting the lack of plus size men's swimwear and sun protection styles that fit!  Covering up for a day at the beach is a necessity so finding a rash shirt that actually fits is a problem for big and tall plus size men.

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  • We Need Plus Size Swimwear To Feel Great And Look Our Best When Swimming

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  • Why Choose a Chlorine Resist Swimsuit for All Year Round Swimming

    With Winter here, now is a great time to take up swimming or aqua aerobics.  When the weather isn’t good for walking or jogging, exercising in a heated swimming pool is the perfect way to get and keep fit. 

    Many health clubs throughout Australia have swimming pools and offer classes so if you haven’t been in the pool for a while, this is a great place to start.  Pool exercises are easy on the joints and even if you are very unfit, this is a safe and gentle form of exercise especially if you are plus size.

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  • 60 Is The new 40 In designer Plus Size Swimwear

    How true it is girls, now that we can wear fabulous swimwear and coverups thanks to plus size swimwear from Sea Jewels.

    We can really let our hair down now that the kids have gone and we get to have time for ourselves.

    Yes, let’s go on that South Pacific cruise with our friends, or maybe spend a weekend at a wonderful resort that has the swim up bars.

    We might have balked at the idea previously because that would mean we would need to put on our awful old swimming costume and be seen in public with our wobbly bits.

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  • The Easy Way To Shop For Plus Size Swimwear

    We need swimwear in our size that we can feel confident and comfortable wearing.

    Often it is very hard to find swimsuits in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies.

    In a lot of magazines these days, we see a lot of unrealistic images of people posing around swimming pools and at the beach.

    Most of us know that these images are not a true representation of people in general.

    The fact is that real women have real curves, some a little more curvier than others.

    Our curves are a testimony to our womanhood….be some of us a little curvier than others……..we are all absolutely gorgeous.

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  • How to Choose Perfect Fitting Chlorine Resist Plus Size Swimwear

    Buying swimwear for a holiday or for exercise can be a daunting task especially if you are not a perfect size 10!  The trick is to enhance your assets and get body confident!  Here at SeaJewels we understand the dilemma as we are all real women with different body shapes so we will always test our styles on staff to ensure a perfect fit!

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  • Plus Size Swimwear

    Are you planning to be somewhere special this Christmas? Does it involve swimming? Do you need to find a swimsuit that is comfortable to wear?

    Have you been looking at swimsuits in the magazines and the latest styles for the summer season?

    If you are a little concerned about sizes and feeling comfortable? We all know how hard it is to find swimwear in our sizes that we can feel comfortable in as well as confident. It is often very hard to find trendy clothes in our sizes that are not designed for senior ladies. But worse than that, is the plus size swimwear nightmare!

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  • Trendy, Stylish and Perfect Plus Size Swimwear

    For all you girls out there who think that you should only be looking at basic black swimwear this season, well forget it! Just because our friends like to tell us that we look slimmer in the boring basic black swimsuits that nana used to wear, we can now ignore that outdated attitude.

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  • Trendy Stylish and Perfect Plus Size Swimwear

    Colour Is Back! 

    For all you girls out there who think that you should only be looking at basic black swimwear this season, well forget it! Just because our friends like to tell us that we look slimmer in the boring basic black swimsuits that nana used to wear, we can now ignore that outdated attitude.

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  • Stunning Swimsuits In A Plus Size

    It’s just about that time of year again. Time to try on our bathers from last year to see if they still fit! Oh dear it is such a drama. Your mirror is telling you that your swimming costume has seen better days.

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