Benefits of Choosing Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
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Benefits of Choosing Chlorine Resistant Swimwear


Benefits of Choosing Chlorine Resistant Swimwear



When it comes to chlorinated swimming pools, it is important to understand why we need to wear chlorine resistant swimwear.


Chlorine is a mandatory disinfectant added to swimming pools to control the growth of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms.


Over exposure to the chemical can cause itchy skin and dryness and as much as chlorine is harmful to the human skin, it also has adverse effects on the fabric of the swimwear.  Chlorine resistant swimwear in Perth is becoming rapidly popular and experts recommend them for all regular swimmers.


Here are the top reasons why swimmers must choose the chlorine resistant swimwear over the conventional lycra blend materials.


The Panacea for Regular and Competition Swimmers


The chlorine resistant fabric lasts much longer than the normal lycra that is used for many chain store swimsuits. The chemical chlorine shreds the fabric and makes it lose its elasticity by breaking down the fibres so the fabric begins to look as though it is full of small particles and it begins to stretch out of shape.


Competition swimmers find this as a major problem intruding into their practice. The normal swimwear fabric when drenched in chlorine-rich water and immediately exposed to sunlight is at a great risk of wearing out very quickly.


With chlorine resistant swimwear, there is no place for such concern. They are believed to last much longer than the lycra swimsuits found in department stores.


Feels and Looks Good


In addition to protecting the quality of the material, chlorine resistant fabric is also fade resistant.


Therefore there is no worry about sporting a scruffy, out of shape swimsuit on your favourite beach.


Also the higher proportion of polyester in the fabric composition keeps in intact and prevents too much stretching.  


Look good at the beach or pool in a swimsuit that retains its shape.


You May Be Spoilt For Choice


Chlorine resistant swimwear is now available in various styles and colours as well as plus size swimwear.


They are available for kids, men and women of all ages.


If you are looking for a flattering one piece swimsuit, comfortable two piece Tankini swimsuit or a sun protection rash shirt, these are all now available in chlorine resistant fabric.


Therefore the long lasting fabric of the swimwear combined with the broad choice makes them the most preferred option for many.     


Safe To wear While Pursuing Water Based Activities


Swimming is an adventurous sport so a swimsuit needs to be durable and afford the wearer full sun protection.  Chlorine resistant swimwear is the perfect choice as the fabric won’t stretch out of shape or fade thus ensuring full sun protection for a longer time than traditional lycra swimsuits.


Proves To Be a Good Investment In The Long Run


Chlorine resistant swimwear is slightly more expensive than chain store brands. However the investment balances out and is clearly the winner in the long run.


They last for more than 500 extra hours of swimming than other fabrics and do not have to be replaced frequently for losing shape or colour.


The best place to find a great variety of chlorine resistant swimsuits is Perth based SeaJewels Swimwear.  


They have a lovely range of plus size swimwear as well as swimwear and sun protection swimsuit styles for the whole family.  


As an Australian company you are ensured that the quality and integrity of the chlorine resistant swimwear and accessories are first class.  


SeaJewels Swimwear has an online store so shopping for swimwear has never been easier.


With an easy exchange or refund policy what are you waiting for!


Order online at or phone 1800 008 482.




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