Plus Size Swimwear For Awkward Teens
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Plus Size Swimwear For Awkward Teens

Most of us can recall the times when we were young and just starting to be aware of how we looked when wearing swimwear that showed our shape, and naturally there were some of us that needed togs with extra support to keep our ever growing new breasts in place.

Well things are not much different today except that today we can get amazing swimwear that holds our bodies nicely in place while allowing us to feel comfortable as well.

Awkward young teens who want to wear swimwear but are self conscious of how they look, will enjoy browsing through the many gorgeous styles of swimwear that are available from the Viva range by Sea Jewels.

There are so many clever, figure flattering designs in amazing trendy and classic fabrics to choose from.

Plus Size Swimwear For All Ages, Shapes & Sizes

Julie Wiggins is the woman behind the success story of the “Viva” plus size swimwear collection by Sea Jewels.

Julie understands that there is no such thing as “ One Size Fits All “, especially in swimsuits, and through her own experiences with the difficulty of trying to find well fitting, comfortable swimwear, Julie thought there must be a better way and came up with her very own unique 3 piece swimsuit design under her Sea Jewels label “Viva”.

Her amazing, revolutionary swimsuit creation includes a 3 Piece combination of an under-wire swim bra, swim pants and a swim top designed to provide greater support for those women and girls who have fuller figures.

The success of the popular swimsuit collection means that we can now easily purchase gorgeous Australian made swimsuits that look and feel great on women and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Kudos to you Julie, for an amazing achievement!

Easy On Line Plus Size Swimwear Shopping

It is so easy to purchase your new swimsuit with the convenience of Sea Jewels on line shopping.

If you need any advice on which swimwear styles that best suit your body shape, our staff our well trained and will be able to assist you to make your selection, and we do offer a money back policy provided the items are returned to us in good condition and unworn.

We take our customer service seriously, if you have any problems with your order, or the service we provide then please contact us and we will rectify it. We want you to be a very satisfied customer.

For more information please visit our website and fill in the enquiry form or
phone us on 1800 008 482.



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