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Sea Jewels Swimwear - Swimwear for Real People of all Sizes

Sea Jewels Swimwear encorporates a number of Australian-made swimwear lines for men, women and kids of all ages and sizes. From babies to mature men and women. Men's sizes S-6XL and Women's sizes UK 8-32. Much of our swimwear is also chlorine resistant and sun protective, ensuring quality and durability and a skin-safe beach trip.



Viva Swimwear by Sea Jewels

Viva Swimwear is the iconic brand of Sea Jewels Swimwear offering a fantastic range of swimsuits for real women to wear with absolute confidence.

Viva Swimwear and its signature 3 piece swimsuit is the unique creation by Perth woman and founder of Sea Jewels Swimwear Julie Wiggins. After years of never finding the perfect fit or shape when shopping for a swimsuit, Julie thought there must be a better way and came up with her very own 3 Piece Swimsuit.

Her revolutionary creation includes a 3 Piece combination of an under-wire swim bra, swim pants and a swim top so she could achieve greater support and feel more confident when wearing swimwear. The outcome - a flattering swimsuit with greater support for real women!

"I was never comfortable in the standard off the shelf swimsuits. Skin tight lycra is uncomfortable and confronting for most women at the best of times and the styles are often too short and with inadequate bust support. I didn't like the idea of strapping myself into something super tight.

Women need to control what's underneath with bust and tummy control and then flatter curves with a top that accentuates the bust line and gives the illusion of a great shape" Julie says.

The Viva Swimwear brand has grown from the positive feedback and interest in the swimwear from real women all over the world. It is also the chosen brand for contestants on every season of TV's The Biggest Loser!

Viva Swimwear's styles include one piece, two piece and three piece swimsuits. Chlorine resistant styles are also available from sizes 8-32. In addition, maternity swimsuits and swimwear accessories are available to keep you in style and comfort when at the beach or pool.

Buying comfortable, stylish swimwear has never been so easy!



Sunskins by Sea Jewels Swimwear

Sunskins is Sea Jewels' line of kids durable, chlorine resistant and sun protective swimwear.

Sunskins was created to answer the call of many mums who are tired of having to replace their kids swimwear every few months as weekend trips to the pool wear out the flimsy swimsuits that are sold in most department stores.

Sunskins, a range of durable, chlorine resistant swimwear for kids, has been protecting Perth kids from sunburn since the 1990s. Sunskins can withstand the wear and tear of frequent trips to the swimming pool, as well as the salty sea water and hot sand at the beach. Sunskins swimwear is also SPF 50+, giving kids delicate skin and extra layer of protection from the hot Australian sun.