Sixty Is The New Forty In Fabulous Plus Size Swimwear
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Sixty Is The New Forty In Fabulous Plus Size Swimwear

When people tell me that life begins at forty, I think to myself that they are very mistaken, because I certainly wasn’t having as much fun back then, as I do now, thanks to my gorgeous plus size swimwear that makes me look and feel “sensational” at sixty.

For many years I had been avoiding going anywhere that would involve myself wearing a swimsuit in public, until one day I was chatting with my best friend who showed me photos of her latest cruise.

Well, I now will say with great affection for my dearest bestie, who is quite the “chubby charmer”, that she looked amazing in some of the most flattering plus size swimsuits I have ever seen.

I knew I just had to get myself some of those. After all, if my dearest friend with her ample bosom could look like that, then so could I, and so I was delighted when she told me how easy it was to purchase on line, gorgeous, stylish plus size cozzies and beachwear, made here in Australia for those more mature women who were blessed with a few extra curves.

After gulping down my skinny latte, I headed home to check out the website for the amazing, plus size swimwear by Sea Jewels.

Anchors Away In Sensational Plus Size Swimwear

Just imagine, being able to choose the perfect style swimsuit, full piece or bikini, for your size and shape and then to be able to select your swimsuit fabric from an extensive range of colours and prints, including chlorine resistant fabrics.

All this in the comfort of your own home, transforms what used to be a dreaded chore, into a fun and exciting shopping experience.

So my advice to my fellow shy ladies, is to do yourselves a huge favour and get your curves into some of these truly well designed and crafted swimsuit items, all made here in Australia, which will give you the confidence to get out and about in your gorgeous new swimsuit by the pool deck on your next cruise.

Viva Plus Size Swimwear By Sea Jewels

It really does make such a difference when you feel comfortable in a swimsuit that fits your shape correctly, providing the support you need for a fuller bust and tummy control. Whether you have a full figure, tall torso or in need of tummy control or bikinis tops to provide support for big boobs (C cup, D cup, E cup, F cup and G cup!), Sea Jewels has a style to perfectly fit you.

For those of you who spend a lot of time in the swimming pool, Viva chlorine resistant swimwear by Sea Jewels is quite different to other swimwear in that they are are 100% polyester, which is highly durable and known to give the best pool chlorine resistance over time.

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