Making A Splash In Plus Size Swimwear
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Making A Splash In Plus Size Swimwear

Have you actually thought about what a difference to your life that wearing beautiful plus size swimwear will do?

Well for a start, you will find a whole new world out there full of fun things to see and do, because you are happy to be seen in plus size swimwear that flatters your shape and feels comfortable to wear.

What a wonderful time of life it is when the kids have finally grown up and left the nest, yahoo!!

Now it is time to convert the spare bedroom into a gym, a sewing room or a library, anything that will make the statement that you are now free!!

You are now going to need a diary…… keep track of all your exciting new social events, including swimming again.

Back To The Beach In Plus Size Swimwear

Growing up in Australia with our beautiful weather, most of us learnt to swim from an early age at popular swimming spots such as Crawley Baths down along the Swan River in Perth or the magnificent beaches stretching from City Beach right up to Sorrento Beach.

My favourite was “Grannies Pool” which was somewhere in between, not because all the oldies went there, but because it was protected from the crashing surf by an arc of reef which created the safe swimming spot for children.

I do remember though that most of the mothers there would be wearing black full piece bathing suits, my mother was the same except she was quite stylish, as hers had pearl trimmings on the front.
Just imagine taking yourself back to where you used to swim as a child, what wonderful times you would have enjoyed.

If you do not have a decent bathing suit to wear then you really need to do something about that right now.
Gone are the days when older ladies or chubby chicks had to settle for wearing bathing costumes that were less than flattering, now we gals of all ages, shapes and sizes can look great in togs that fit correctly and are so very comfortable to wear.

To start your new active life, you will need to visit us online at Sea Jewels to shop for the most amazing swimwear you will ever see. (Oh dear if you do not know how to go online then call up one of your grandchildren to help you, it is so easy.)

Here at Sea Jewels, we have the “Viva” collection of Australian made swimwear that comes in
a sensible range of sizes from 8 to 32.


There are various plus size swimwear styles in both trendy as well as classic designs made from premium quality materials including chlorine resistant fabrics.

So here is your opportunity to getting back into the “swim of things” if you will excuse my pun.
See you there, if you dare!!

For more information about the most beautiful plus size swimwear available in Australia, contact us at :
Studio and Store
3/84 Barberry Way
Bibra Lake
WA 6163
Phone: 1800 008 482
By appointment

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