Feeling Confident While Looking Great In Plus Size Swimwear
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Feeling Confident While Looking Great In Plus Size Swimwear

Come summertime and those of us who need plus size swimwear, start to dread the swimwear saga, just like the year before when we would squeeze into bathers that we thought looked ok, but felt awful to wear.

It really is a drama, trying to find the perfect cozzie to fit correctly and look good as well, and heaven forbid those outdated granny style bathers that are so unattractive.

There is nothing more embarrassing than trying on bathers in a store, and then finding you are having trouble getting them on, as they seem to be stuck to your hips, and then as you try and wriggle them off, the helpful shop assistant is asking if she can help!

Well yes, she could help by giving me a little privacy and let me save face as I try to hide myself behind the flimsy curtain.

If you are not happy trying to find bathers in stores, why not go online and look at our amazing website, you will be delighted at what we have to offer, and we have trained staff to help you with sizing and body shape advice.

How easy is that, pick out what you like, get your correct size and the style that will best flatter your body shape and have your swimwear delivered to you.

It is such an easy process and if you are not happy with your purchase we will exchange or refund your money.

If you are serious about getting yourself into a pair of awesome bathers that not only fit you, flatter your shape, and come in many fabulous fabrics, well you do not need to look any further, we have an amazing collection of stunning cozzies just waiting for you to check out.

IT’s All About The Fit, Yes The Fit, Yes The Fit!!

Sea Jewels is an Australian company that produces swimwear of the highest standard, including a range of plus size swimwear under the label Viva.

Australia-wide delivery.

We do offer Australia-wide and international delivery on all of our products, with free shipping on any order over $100.

We want you to be a very satisfied customer. Check out our Australian swimsuit range online and place your orders either through the website or by calling 1800 008 482.

Easy Returns -

If the size or style is not suitable we exchange or refund the sale, so purchase your items with confidence.

Need help, advice or unsure about anything?

Call our Free call Perth number 1800 008 482.


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